For the Love of Honey

These days you can find a “National Holiday” for just about anything. While I’m all for people celebrating things that bring them joy, I rarely partake in the more obscure of these festivities (I’m looking at you Talk Like A Pirate Day).

December 18 is different.

National “I Love Honey” Day is something I can get behind – and not just because I love the golden substance. Honey is a celebration of honey bees, pollinators, and the incredible role they play. We started raising bees for the honey, but have come to love the fascinating little creatures. These days we’re continuing to expand our apiary and planting new pollinator-friendly plants around our farmstead.

5 reasons we love honey:

  1. The variety. From light and floral to dark and intense, there is a honey for everyone.
  2. Forget needing a teaspoon of sugar to help the medicine go down, honey doubles as a medicine. With antimicrobial and wound healing properties, honey’s healing powers are widely documented.
  3. Seasonal allergies. If you, like me, have suffered through itchy eyes and (at times) debilitating sneezing fits when pollen counts are up, honey may help. Regularly adding raw, local, and minimally filtered honey to your diet can help build your immunity and reduce future reactions. Check back after the spring honey flow for Farrow Family Farmstead natural, untreated honey.
  4. Honey has an incredible shelf life (if you can resist eating it). It has even been found in Egyptian tombs.
  5. Mead. Honey wine… sign me up! Mead may have ancient roots, but you can now find modern commercial blends in many metropolitan areas. Try celebrating with some local mead this holiday season. Looking for a tasting room? Try Honeytree Meadery in East Nashville.

What is your favorite reason to celebrate honey?

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