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Hi, we’re the Farrows, a farm family passionate about being outdoors, finding time for family fun, and motorsports.

Join us to learn more about this crazy project we call RC Field Days. Thanks for visiting!

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Creating Our Own Competition

At RC Field Days, we’re all about getting outside and having fun. We’ve met a lot of great folks over the last year and spent more hours than we can count laughing and cheering others on along the trail. So as we approach our first anniversary, we wanted to plan something special. We figured, what…

RC Crawling in Middle Tennessee

Tennessee is full great places to run RCs. Whether you are into racing, bashing, crawling, or scale trail drives, there are plenty of options around. We are often asked about good places to take RCs out, especially during the week and for those who are just getting into the hobby. Whether you are new to…

RC Parts and Accessories We’ve Tried from Amazon

We always encourage folks to support their local hobby shops (we purchase from Family Hobbies, Extreme Hobby Shop, Mach Speed Hobbies, and Cookeville Hobbies), but on occasion we all succumb to the on-demand economy and order parts online. These are parts and accessories that we’ve actually ordered from Amazon and use at RC Field Days.…

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Hi, I’m Rebecca. Previously a high school agriculture teacher, I moved out of the classroom in 2017 to support students and families in a different role. While education is still a huge part of my life, I’m able to focus on more farm projects these days. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love writing about the Farmstead that we call home, outdoor adventures, and motorsports! Read more

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