RC Field Days

Fun. Nature. Need we say more?

When our son got his first RC truck, we looked for places to go as a family. We wanted to find a place outdoors with a variety of obstacles where we could learn and progress through challenges as his confidence grew.

We tried heading to the lake and a local state park, but felt out of place with our remote in hand and truck zipping around among the fishing poles, bicycles, and hikers.

Not finding what we were looking for locally, we decided to create it.

RC Field Days at the Farmstead opens our private trails to you. The idea was born out of our desire to have a fun, family-friendly outdoor activity that was both approachable enough for newbies (our kids) and provided opportunities to challenge the more experienced drivers (my better half). Plus, it’s a heck of a lot safer, cheaper, and requires less storage space than getting everyone full-size ATVs!

Whether you’re searching for something new to try this weekend or looking for a place to run your RC where you can feel like part of a community, check our schedule below and plan your trip to the Farmstead.

Join us at 8840 Rocky Fork Road, Smyrna, TN

Looking for things to do around Nashville or Murfreesboro? We invite you to join us on the trails, but please keep in mind a few things:

1. We are a working farm. We have animals and they don’t always play well with others, so please leave yours at home. Remember, they produce manure (not where you’ll be walking) and sometimes have “animal” tendencies. You’re welcome to look, but please do not touch. Your fingers should be reserved for slaying the controls, not sacrificed as snacks for curious critters. Plus, most of our fences are electric and it’s just not that pleasant to get shocked.

2. Get ready to explore. You won’t find paved trails here. There will be rocky, uneven surfaces, trip hazards, and occasionally mud to contend with. Most of our trails include wooded sections. Bug spray may not be a bad idea, especially in the summer. While unlikely, you may catch a glimpse of a critter in the woods. We promise it’s not a chupacabra. Unless it is… and then it’s pictures or it didn’t happen.
Note: The Rock Wall Challenge is currently the only wheel-chair accessible area. We have plans to add ramps to make more areas accessible.

3. Be a kid at heart. We welcome all ages to explore the RC world, but parents be sure to stick around for the fun… we have our own kids to keep an eye on after all! If you’re looking for a more exclusive feel, take a look at the private access options and reserve a time to explore the trails at your own pace.
Note: All Farmstead guests must sign our Farmstead Visitor Waiver, Agreement & Release of Liability Form. Copies will be provided upon arrival or can be printed ahead of time. For participants under the age of 18, a parent/legal guardian must sign the form.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re in Middle Tennessee.

— Paul

Great place whether you are just getting into the hobby or really want to challenge yourself.

— D. Bain

Looking for more? Check out our Special Events

Ready to join the fun? Check our Pricing page for more information and rental reservations. You can always reach out on Facebook or email as well.

My only complaint is that they aren’t open more!

— F. Thompson

We love it. It’s our testing ground every time we make upgrades and a great place to hang out and crawl.

— J.A.