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RC Truck and Rock Crawler Courses

Rock Wall Challenge and Bounty Hill

This is where it all started. Nearly 100 feet long and up to 6 feet of boulders and off-camber glory, this imposing rock wall has lines that will challenge your driving skills.

Multiple entry/exit points allow for shorter crawls as you build your confidence on the wall.

Bounty Hill was the result of a driver request and has become a fan favorite.

Bobcat Ridge

Once prowled by a local bobcat, this ridge currently offers 2500+ square feet of mixed trail and boulders.

Pick your line around and snap a picture at the top of Pride Rock. This is a great area for scale rigs. We’ve set small climbs to make the boulders more accessible.

This area has the most natural changes in elevation of all our courses.

The Junkyard

Countless trails crisscross this limestone rock garden hidden in a cedar thicket. At nearly 2800 square feet, there are plenty of lines to explore.

Wooden bridges, ramps, and unique obstacles are interwoven in the limestone. This is an unmarked course – test your ability to pick a line as you crisscross the rocks.

Cedar Barrens

This natural surface trail winds through a Cedar Barren. Limestone outcroppings make for fun spur challenges, including jumps and a cedar pole bridge. The main trail is approximately 750 feet round trip.

Cedar Barrens is past the entrance to The Boneyard Opens Woods Course and ends at the Property Line Trail.

Be sure to hit the Cedar tree bridge and find the lines around the downed tree.

The Boneyard

We’ve set a nearly 600 foot long trail crisscrossing over 7,000 square feet of woods course. Spend some time in The Boneyard testing yourself. Coming with friends? This is a great spot for a friendly timed competition on the trail.

Follow the marked trail to test your lines of approach, speed maneuvering, and how steady your hands are navigating the bridges over Hell’s Canyon, a limestone gorge that cuts through the course.

Designed for 1/10 scale, but we’ve successfully navigated an SCX24 through 75% of the course as well. It’s all about the lines you choose.

Property Line Trail and Corner Post Spur- Phase 1 Open

The Property Line Trail follows a historic stacked stone wall for over 500 feet between the Corner Post and Cedar Barrens. Looking for a challenge? Pick a line and see if you can stay off the dirt and run rock the entire length of the trail and back. Access the Property Line trail at the end of either Cedar Barrens.

Phase 1 of Property Line is open – down to the waterfall section. Phase 2 and the Corner Post Spur creek trail are set to open in Fall 2021.

Route 21 Rocks

Wrapping around the check-in area between The Junkyard and Bobcat Ridge, our Route 21 Rocks were the result of driver feedback. We happily obliged and the result is a fun stretch of rocks that has sections to challenge drivers of every level.

We’re slowly working on expanding our freestyle area. We currently have banked turns and dirt jumps, but have a few more plans up our sleeves.

1/24th Scale Trail

I need to grab a few more pictures, but we do have a 1/24 Scale Trail open near The Rock Wall Challenge.

24th scale rigs can make lines on all of our other courses as well – you just need to pick them wisely!

We’ve broken ground on a new course that includes a mix of natural rock and man-made obstacles.

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