The Next Chapter: Moving to the Mountains

Have you ever heard the saying, “You’re only one decision away from a different life?

Looking back you can probably pick out a few moments that had a lasting impact, whether they seemed big or small at the time.

We’ve had plenty, including a New Years Day when we had the crazy idea to open RC Field Days. That decision, while often a lot of work, has been a fun project alongside our full-time jobs and the farm. It’s been a great learning experience for our family and has truly introduced us to a community of people we wouldn’t have otherwise known. It’s brought good times, great conversation, and a lot of laughter.

We’ve recently had another one of those moments come into our lives… this time in the form of an offer on our farm that will allow us to relocate to a larger property. While the timing is not what we expected, this is something we’ve been talking about for a while.  

Many of you have seen the growth around Smyrna. What many don’t realize is that our road will be part of a new exit on I-24 and will be expanding as part of the Rocky Fork Road to McEwen Drive Corridor. As much as we hate to start over in a new location, we’re ready to be further out from the growth boundary… before the major road construction starts. This is a rendering of what our road will look like in the future based on the current proposal:

The last week has turned our life upside down. While we never intended to close RC Field Days with dates still on the calendar, things have moved far quicker than we expected. The new property owners are opting not to continue with an RC focus at this time. As such, all remaining Open Crawl dates for 2023 are cancelled.

For those who would like to stay connected, we will be relocating our farm to a property in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains, about half-way between Jasper and Ellijay. It will take us some time to cut new trails in, but we haven’t given up on RCs… things will just look different for us for a while.

We’re incredibly thankful for everyone’s support along the way- it’s been a blast.

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