A Deeper Look at our Anniversary Competition

The countdown to February 26, 2022 and our Anniversary Competition is on! We’re excited for this special event and want to share a few more details with everyone.

All courses will be open until 5 pm. Competitors are welcome to stay and play after the competition. Have a friend or family member that wants to come out? Spectators are welcome, but all drivers will need to register. Remember, all registered drivers will have their name entered into the door prize drawings! We will be giving away tires, accessories, and two Family Hobbies gift cards (valued at $50 each).

All rigs need to be running 1.9 or smaller wheels. We will not be following SORRCA or scale rules. Bring your rig the way you would run it any other weekend. We will be dividing entries into two classes upon our own system announced the day of the event to prevent anyone from trying to modify their rig to take advantage of the classes.

There will essentially be three classes: two regular classes and youth. The youth class will be open to youth 12 and under.

The competition will be split into three separate courses, allowing us to award cash prizes for each course as well as recognize a “Best Overall” rig/driver.

The Courses:

Rock Wall Challenge – This will be the most technical course of the day. A section of the rock wall will be marked out and competition rigs must have all four tires pass through all gates. There will be different routes for each class.

Boneyard – This roped, woods course is a local favorite, but we’ll be switching things up for the competition. A section of the Boneyard will be marked in a different color and we’ll be asking competitors to tackle a line they’ve never run before. Plan on open trail where you can gain some speed, but approach the natural rock climbs with caution. If a tire crosses the ropes you’ll need to back up and try again.

Chutes and Ladders – This is our wildcard. We’ll have a loop marked where you’ll need to climb a limestone boulder and descend using twisting metal ladders. This course can really shake up the leaderboard!

Looking for more information? Check out our Special Events page, blog post on Creating the Competition, or connect with us on Facebook.

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