Creating Our Own Competition

At RC Field Days, we’re all about getting outside and having fun. We’ve met a lot of great folks over the last year and spent more hours than we can count laughing and cheering others on along the trail. So as we approach our first anniversary, we wanted to plan something special.

We figured, what better way to celebrate a year of RC shenanigans, than to encourage a day filled with them? With this in mind, we created an event designed to be fun and highlight some of our courses with a few curve balls thrown in. Can you tell we’re pretty excited about our first-ever Anniversary Competition?

Here’s the deal, we don’t want this to be your average RC competition. Sure, there will be challenges that will test your rig and your ability as a driver, but this event is also focused on what we love about RCs… the sense of community and enjoying your time outdoors.

While we won’t be giving all the secrets away before the event, I can share a few…

  1. Plan on three diverse courses. No rig will be perfectly set up for all three, helping to level the playing field a bit and spread some of the prize money out. We will announce the best overall for the day, but each course will also have a payout for first and second place in each class.
  2. Come ready to cheer along. We love watching people stick a line or make a climb that we’ve struggled with. With this in mind, the courses will have spectating areas – they will not be closed.
  3. We encourage families to get involved in the hobby. We created a special youth competition for this reason. The youth competition will utilize two short courses not involved in the main competition. Expect to see some kids enjoying themselves, whether running an RC on a course near the competition, jumping on the trampoline, or hanging around the rope swing.

Consider this your official invite. Get your crawler ready and join us to help celebrate a year of fun at the farmstead.

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