Course Origins: Bounty Hill

Bounty Hill is definitely a local favorite. But if you’ve read some of our blog posts, you may remember that when we started creating RC Field Days it was all about the rocks.

You see, we started with a Losi Nightcrawler. With surprising suspension travel and stability, they’re a ton of fun on the rocks. It only made sense to create trails that would play to those strengths and challenge us as drivers.

But as we began to build on the idea of a family-friendly RC park for our local community, we had to think about more variety. We saw the popularity of bashers at our local hobby shop and saw the excitement around the new Axial Ryft. So when we received a special request to create a hill climb for rock bouncers, we jumped at the opportunity. Who doesn’t love a hill climb?

The real challenge was how to create it. Topsoil is a premium on our cedar glade property and creating a hill large enough to be fun was going to take a lot of material.

In the end, we mixed some large boulders and old tires into the base of the hill to help provide some bulk and support. We knew erosion would change the dynamics of the hill with use, but pulling the top layer of soil off and exposing rock or rubber would only add to the challenge.

The Many Faces of Bounty Hill

There are multiple approaches to Bounty Hill. The “front face” is what you see first when you walk up from the check in area. It faces east and has some gnarly lines.

Not quite ready to start there? Try the north side (the side facing the rope swing) – while loose, it’s not as tall as the front face.

Have a scale truck or rock crawler that may not have as much speed? Follow the top line of the Rock Wall Challenge. You will approach Bounty Hill from the south for the shortest path to the top. Once you’ve conquered that, try the back (west side) of the hill. The back face has some large exposed rocks mid-way up the climb that really help traction.

While the original request had come from the perspective of rock bouncers, Bounty Hill has proven to be a welcome challenge for a wide variety of rigs. We’ve sent our ARRMA Granite up the front face alongside a Traxxas Slash on more than one occasion and watched a Redcat Shredder launch off the top earlier this month.

Bounty Hill is one of those obstacles that’s constantly evolving. Rigs dig holes, the rain washes loose dirt, and on occasion we add a new scoop or two of fill over the top. Rock crawlers, rock racers, bashers, short course trucks, monster trucks, stock vehicles, competition rigs, and everything in-between are welcome.

Looking for an extra challenge? Just add water. We’re happy to wet Bounty Hill by request, but be forewarned – it’s a whole different animal.

We want to see the local RC community grow… and more importantly, for folks to come out and have a good time. Have a special request? Something you’d like to see? Let’s chat the next time you’re out. We’re always open to new ideas!

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