An Adventure for All Seasons

RC Field Days started out of a family hobby discovered during the 2020 quarantine, but it has become so much more. Our Open Crawl weekends are something we look forward to – a chance to connect with friends, appreciate the outdoors, and meet new folks who enjoy challenging themselves.

We opened for our first Open Crawl in February 2021 with the goal of creating a unique outdoor recreation spot. We love where we live and wanted to share a small piece of that with others while providing a place where families like ours would feel welcome and encouraged to grow their skills in the RC world.

In the six months since then, RC Field Days has helped celebrate holidays, birthdays, and even had the privilege of being part of a honeymoon. We’ve welcomed families, lone rangers, crawling groups, those brand new to the sport and competition rigs. (And while I love seeing the diversity of crawlers, it’s the people that make RC Field Days great.)

No matter the time of year, we like to find ways to get outside and have fun. On frigid February weekends, we have the bonfire going to warm up between trails. In the heat of the summer we spend more time on our wooded courses, enjoying the shade and cooler temperatures. Around here running RCs is an adventure for all seasons.

Every Open Crawl is different. It’s not just because we’re always moving rocks and making new lines – there’s a social aspect to the weekend. There’s room to roam, but the opportunity to run with others if you choose. And more often than not, if you’re running the Route 21 Rocks, the Rock Wall Challenge, or Bounty Hill, someone will meander over to watch, run with you, or celebrate when you stick a tough line.

RC Field Days is still an extension of our hobby. We are open the first full weekend of each month and the occasional special event. The limited schedule allows our family to preserve time to work on Farmstead projects, visit extended family, and take the occasional trip. Whether you live just down the road or travel across state lines to try new trails, we truly appreciate every person who comes out, shares part of their story, and enjoys some time exploring the courses at our Farmstead… if you haven’t made a trip out yet, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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