The Junkyard: Sharing Our Dirty Little Secret

Welcome to The Junkyard.

Being married to a mechanic, hearing “junkyard” conjured up very different images than our rock garden. I’m sure it does for you too. But I can assure you it has earned it’s name.

Once overlooked as just an area our kids liked to build forts and explore, things changed shortly after we conquered the first line on our Rock Wall Challenge.

You know that feeling you get when you finally make that crazy, twisty, turny, off-camber climb that you’ve been so close to sticking? Yeah, we get it too. And when the excitement died down, we realized no place on the Farmstead was safe.

We wanted to conquer more rocks. We wanted to find new lines. We wanted a place you could try 15 times and still be able to discover something new.

The kid’s secret lair was no longer a secret. The Junkyard quickly became the first place we would test a new rig.

With multiple levels of rock outcroppings, we’ve spent countless hours crisscrossing these rocks exploring different lines. And over time, we’ve added wooden bridges and ramps to open up new options. This isn’t your average walk in the woods.  

Here’s our dirty little secret… This wasn’t always an area we enjoyed. Most of those junk additions were scavenged nearby. You see, not that long ago The Junkyard was little more than a neglected spot in the woods where previous generations had dumped their junk.

We’ve been pulling away years of debris, rusted metal, and glass jars to reclaim this unique landscape.

C’mon out and hit some obstacles in The Junkyard, but be sure to help us out and drop your trash in the designated bins. Oh, and please stay in the designated – we’re still cleaning up our woods. Thanks y’all!

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