Course Origins: Prowling Bobcat Ridge

We have plenty of critters at the farm, but there are a few we only catch on the trail camera… like our bobcat. So imagine my surprise when, on a non-descript April morning, one walked by our fire pit and locked eyes with me.

Seriously y’all. I stood transfixed as it stared into my soul.

Yeah, you could say it made an impression before strolling off… (you guessed it) to the ridge.

We’ve removed a few trees and cleared out a lot of underbrush since then, but Bobcat Ridge has retained its name and character. This area has the most elevation change of any of our courses and with natural trails and a variety of boulders to climb, it’s my kid’s favorite.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

See Pride Rock at the top there? Good. Go with me on this one….

When we cleared back the brush, something about this rock screamed Lion King. You know the scene where Rafiki is holding Simba up for all to see?

Cue the Elton John…

I know, I know, nerd moment. Let’s just say I watched too many Disney movies as a kid and move on.

Regardless of what you associate the rock with, it’s a great place to snap a picture of your rig against a blue sky! Join us on the ridge the next time you’re out. Oh, and hakuna matata my friends. Hakuna matata.  

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