Proud Parent Moments

You know the moments I’m talking about…

The ones where you stop and stare at your child, wondering how someone so small could have so much wisdom.

The ones when the smile starts deep inside and breaks across your face watching them.

The ones where you can feel yourself beaming with pride and you want to shout to the world that’s my kid!

But my favorites are the small, quiet moments when you get a glimpse of your child’s soul and a preview of the type of person they will become.

You know the moments.

This weekend we were at our local farmer’s co-op picking up feed and our kiddos asked if they could spend some of their Christmas money on a toy. Like many of you, we’re trying to instill a sense of responsibilities in our children, so we let them make some of the decisions with their money.

Both of them carefully combed the toy farm equipment, miniature animals, and leftover Christmas items, asking prices and weighing the options.

Have you ever seen a miniature alligator with a farm set? I hadn’t either. But that’s what my son found. An alligator. We looked it over and I simply asked if he was sure that was what he wanted to spend his money on.

He thought about it and then gravely put it back. I let him know it was okay if that’s what he wanted, but he had to be sure because once the money was spent it would be gone. This is where he got me.

He looked at me and said he didn’t really need another toy, but could he spend his money on dog treats for Brusher? My heart caught for a moment and I stumbled over the words. Of course you can, I think Brusher would really enjoy that. But you can spend your money on yourself if you’d like.

“No Mom, it’s okay, I think I just want to get Brusher treats. Can I feed them to him too?”

You know the moments. Let’s celebrate more #proudparent moments this year.

#proudparent moment: my son showing off the treats he bought for our livestock guardian dog instead of toys for himself.

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